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Why Do a Ministry Inventory? A ministry inventory helps your church take a careful look at how it is reaching out beyond itself with good news and good works. This establishes a baseline from which to explore the vision of a church fully engaged in kingdom ministry. If outreach is a new venture for your congregation, the inventory can help identify a strategy for building readiness for ministry. For churches already involved in external ministry, an inventory can help enhance and build on current activities.  Through this assessment, you will better understand how your church currently defines its outreach mission, and how it hopes to fulfil this mission. You will gain insight into the unique gifts your congregation has to offer in service to others. You will discover barriers and bridges to a more meaningful connection with the community. And you will identify areas of church life that can be strengthened in order to help your church love neighbours near and far with greater faithfulness and transformational impact. This might be a particularly helpful exercise if your congregation: seeks to revive an earlier tradition of mission in your church or denomination wants to open new doors of relationship with its community is unsure whether its actual ministry practices are consistent with its principles Iacks a clear understanding of, consensus on, or commitment to external mission is inward-focused (focuses exclusively on the needs of the congregation) or one-sided (focuses exclusively on either evangelism or social service) questions whether it has assets or aptitude for external ministry wants to organize scattered ministry efforts into a coordinated and intentional strategy A ministry inventory has several goals: 1. To identify how God is already at work in and through your congregation. 2. To bring patterns of church outreach into sharper focus. 3. To discover and appreciate your church's unique ministry "style".  4. To identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges for ministry. 5. To reveal hidden assets for effective community outreach in your church. 6. To take the pulse of your church's commitment to externally-oriented mission. 7. To lay the groundwork for a strategy for mission transformation. Transformational community ministry is a growth process that builds on experience, learning from past struggles and celebrating successes. A careful, honest look at the current attributes, strengths and weaknesses of your church's outreach can help you avoid mistakes as you enter new ministry ventures. An inventory can also rekindle a church's excitement about using its assets to make a difference in the world. What is important is not whether your church has already arrived—but whether you are willing to allow God to continue guiding your next steps on the ministry journey (Philippians 3:13-14).
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